Master Bedroom Media Center

This master bedroom features a surround sound system with a 60″ LED Display installed in a cabinet.  The cabinet was custom built during a renovation project.

The homeowners had a lot of input on the equipment selection and the cabinet design during some home renovations.  When the time came to install the equipment and program a remote they asked a friend.  They happen know another family that hired JimAV to install a media room and they noticed something they really liked about their friends’ media room.  It was the remote!  This remote was different, it was simple and everyone who picked it up could use the system.





The equipment was installed and the remote programmed.  Since this is a bedroom I also included a “Sleep” timer function on the remote.  The sleep timer is a button that gives you a list of time delay options for shutting off all the equipment after you have fallen asleep.  Unlike the sleep feature built into most TVs, this one turns everything off not just the TV and because it’s all right on the remote itself you won’t have to navigate through the menus on the TV to find it.



The cabinet was well designed, and I only needed to add a couple more holes through the back to allow the hot air to escape.  The homeowners also noticed that even though the TV had a wireless internet feature, streaming Netflix Videos did not work very well.  I solved that issue by giving the TV a dedicated hardwire connection to the Internet and the stuttering video problem was solved.

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