Barn Music Makeover

This stunning historical barn was renovated into an entertainment space about 10 years ago.  During the renovations three  different original music systems were installed.  Each system consisted of an FM radio receiver and a CD player wired to four  speakers.



The barn is often used for entertaining large groups of people.  There were many problems with the original music systems.  One problem was that the owners could not play the same music across all three individual systems; the music was different as guests moved between floors.  Another challenge was the “Usability” of the old music systems.  Handwritten notes on the equipment were needed to remind the owners how to turn the music on.


The biggest problem with the old music system was that it did not play the music the owners listen to nowadays.  Like a lot of people, the owners are enjoying new music sources delivered on the Internet.  The owners enjoy using “Pandora” and playing music stored on their portable devices.  The old music system couldn’t play those new sources of music so it was time for an update.



“JimAV” created a plan to accomplish the following:

  • Bring the music system up to date with new sources of music like “Pandora”
  • Make it possible to play the same source of music across all three floors of the barn during parties
  • Make playing music easy, even for guests or occasional visitors


“JimAV” extended the owner’s home network to include the barn and connected the new music system to the Internet.  We also added wireless Internet access to the entire barn during the music system upgrade.  The new music system uses wireless technology to connect all three floors of the barn to the same music source when needed so owners and guests hear the same song as they move from floor to floor.

One of the three original CD players was saved and connected to the new music system so it could still play CD’s like the old system.

New wireless touch screen controllers on each floor make controlling the music a breeze.  Pick up the remote, press “Pandora” and the music starts.  Hard buttons on the remotes give the homeowners instant access to the music’s volume on all three floors from anywhere in the barn.

The upgrades were completed in just a few hours.  The client’s 12 existing speakers and wiring were reused for the new system so the majority of the homeowner’s original investment was maintained.  Yet, the improvements in usability and access to modern music sources make the new system dramatically better than the original one.

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